Securing watercolor paper to claybord or masonite

There are two methods, probably more. One involves the artist wetting the paper and letting the water drain off. An acrylic gel medium is spread with a squeegee all over the board and the paper is placed on the board and smoothed down with clean hands starting in the middle and working his way to the edges to get out all bubbles.

The second way involves no artist time but spending more money. Many good framers use an archival glue and big press and can secure the paper that way.

Then, you paint as usual and then varnish with many coats of a UV acrylic spray. No glass is required in framing. Always test first, however!

Happy Painting!

2 thoughts on “Securing watercolor paper to claybord or masonite

  1. Hi Deborah, do you remember me? – Jeremy Williams mother (Jeremy used to play
    with Gordon – 4th grade I think). I bought one if your paintings – purple flowers. I thought of you because I was getting a new mat and frame for it. Hope you are doing well!

    • oh boy, I went to post a blog – in about a year- and I find your message among others. Of course I remember you. Didn’t you and your tennis pro husband move to FL? What’s Jeremy doing? Gordon is married with a 3 yr. old and 1 1/2 yr. old and is a computer engineer at Google. He gave us a run for our money through his teenage years but in the end turned out great!

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