Artist Copying Artist’s Work

Yesterday I went to a particular artist’s website looking for technical info and discovered¬† she had copied at least two of my paintings. At one point in her career, she was in the position to photograph the paintings in the flesh. I was stunned. Literally stunned. Why would a well known artist do this? Is it lack of time and creativity?

Of course, there is no recourse for this. It’s impossible to prove. Musicians and writers go through this frequently. So, I will let it pass and continue to wonder about her.

Happy Painting! And I hope this doesn’t happen to you.

4 thoughts on “Artist Copying Artist’s Work

  1. Just came across your blog in looking for metallic watercolor paint, of all things. I’m a watercolorist and so I sympathize. Dis she credit you or say, “after”? Let’s hope she just wanted to figure out your technique. BTW, your’s are much richer, fuller.

    • oh boy – I haven’t posted a tip or looked at my blog in ages….and just saw your comment. Yes, I did have that huge birch, though it was a sycamore, but it sold in the Northampton, MA show which is why it isn’t on the website. I’m doing 2 more at the moment, one similar, the other a bit different, for 2 commissions.

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