Dealing with Liquid Mask

I’ve tried them all. The best is Jack Richeson Shiva. Not expensive. It has a pinkish cast so when dry you can see it. It also dries with enough film so you can easily pull it off instead of scrubbing.

Store the bottle with duct tape around the cap and set it upside down. If the mask gets hard, pull out the hard stuff on top (like latex house paint) and stir before using. You can always add a drop or two of water to thin the mask if it has gotten too thick.

Use an old watercolor brush. Dip it in liquid detergent and put on mask. After using the mask, instantly wash the brush. The brush can then be used again for another mask. Usually after 3 times, the brush has enough dried mask on it and you have to trash it. If you don’t put detergent on the brush, you’ll only get a one time use.

Happy painting!

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